Monday, 4 March 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission - Crit

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  1. Hi Lekti,

    I'm encouraged to see this semblance of a submission on your blog, but it does confirm my suspicions in regard to how truly ready you were for the original submission date. There's a lot missing, Lekti - and there are clear issues in regard to quality and quantity (in terms of required content as requested of you by the project brief). In light of the realities of summative assessment, I want you to take a moment to properly look at the examples of submissions I've provided below. I want you to reflect objectively on these examples and in so doing, acknowledge the reality of a) the proper creative and intellectual challenge of this degree course and b) the proper challenge of getting undergraduates ready for industry in the short period of 3 years. There really is no time to lose - and the pace of the course just intensifies. So - look, reflect and think - and remember too, that these students arrived with very mixed skillsets; for example, Lucy had never used Photoshop before or Maya...