Saturday, 29 September 2012

Toolkit Drawing: Life Drawing - 25/09/12

 This are the drawings I produced during my first life drawing lesson. I had a hard time seeing the model i was drawing from, and I feel like my perspective drawing needs a lot of practice stilll.

Friday, 21 September 2012

More Silhouettes and Sketchs

Heres a couple more Silhouettes i have done! Tried my hand at a few buildings and a mechanical man, with wings!

Heres my first sketch of the mechanical man.
I kind of feel as if i got a little carried away on the torso more then the wings. as he is a machine he can change parts of his body at will. For this picture i chose to draw him with a sword instead of an arm, feet that are more like running on springs, and a head that features zoom, and lock on functions(think terminator)

I also thought of a little story for him while i was sketching away. 

Our hero is a mechanical guardian for an alien world, he is dormant until a threat is detected. When a threat has been found he bursts into life and fights to defend his world and the life that live's there, his enemys may range from astroids, alien species and even giant planet eating life forms from the far beyond.

More Sketchs

Heres another rough sketch of my giant squid-turtle, i think i have found a shape i like, the fact that this monster is portrayed big helps as it has big features.

This is the final design i am going with, i think it works quite well!
I  have shown the side, front and top view of the turtle, i may also add an underside view later on. I found the idea of a giant creature that looks like it should be in the sea, but is instead, flying around space works rather well, because space is in fact much like the sea and would allow such a creature to move around in much the same manner as it would under water. I got inspiration for this creature from watching "Prometheus" and a show called "River Monsters". Both the Film and Show gave me a very good idea for this creature, because i found that when you don't know what to expect, it often gives more of a wow factor and leaves you wondering just what might actually be out there. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Summer Project - Initial Sketches

I would like to say before hand that i have Marfans Syndrome, and find it really difficult to draw by hand using pencil & paper,I only really use this method to get rough idea's for anything i wish to sketch and design. I much prefer to draw digitally with the aid of a graphics tablet. But due to technical difficulties i'm unable to do so for this project, but i wanted to give it a go and try my best!

These are some sketches i have done, i chose to use the big space turtle silhouette that i did previsouly as my point of reference. I started out doing a few low detailed drawings to help me decide on the right shapes and angle to use while drawing the creature, 

I later started doing more detailed sketches to finalise what my outcome would look like. I really enjoyed doing this process as it let me find out what would and what wouldn't work while attempting to draw this turtle like creature.

Summer Project - Initial Silhouettes

Finally getting around to posting some stuff on here!

Before starting CGAA, i was given the Summer Project. Which tasked me with creating a Building, machine and a Life-form. I chose to start out with silhouette's rather then drawing everything out first. I found doing so gave me a lot more idea's then i thought it would have!

These are some of the first silhouettes i came up with, i got a bit carried away with life forms to start out with but i really enjoyed doing the work and letting my creative side out. ^^'