Friday, 15 February 2013

Illustrator lesson 15/2/13

Today we recreated the Adobe and BP logos in Illustrator, these were the results!

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  1. Lekti - for the record, it's March 2nd - that's one week after your formal submission point for your Script To Screen project work.

    At the crit, you told me the reason why you couldn't submit was because you'd brought the wrong files - not because the work was incomplete or not started. I'm left wondering now how honest you were being with me that morning - or indeed, how respectful.

    Let me be clear then: if you've completed the work - final script, animatic, pre-viz, art of, film reviews - then upload them to your blog this weekend. If you haven't in fact completed the work you said you've completed, then please email me to explain what's going on and what you've been doing instead.

    I look forward to a) your final submission or b) an email.