Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Unit 3: A refined Animation Idea

Character: Jack, a Biker Turned Chef

Environment: Desert Farmyard

Prop: Cactus

My idea revolves around a Biker turned Chef; his success comes from growing his own produce on his farm. But trouble starts when a group of Black-tailed jackrabbits move in and start to eat all of his food.  This leads to a mini war, Chef Vs Rabbits. I imagine the rabbits to be very fast (Think Road Runner, bugs bunny etc) But also Mischievous like the creatures from Gremlins (1984, Dir. Joe Dante) which adds to the chefs rage as they mock him by running over traps without setting them off, run in and out of cages and dodging bullets.  The Farmer tries to use all kinds of funny contraptions to catch the rabbits, but continues to fail until he is driving home about to accept defeat when he sees a rabbit stuck to a cactus next to the road and this gives him the idea of growing cactus.

The ending scene will be of a huge sign with the main character on it holding up a rabbit, standing next to a cactus, next to a sign that reads ”Jacks, Jack-Rabbit ’n’ Cacti Pie’. The camera then zooms out so the viewer can see over the sign, which reviles a field of cactus with rabbits stuck onto the spikes of the plant, where they have tried to run full speed away from him but ended up impaled.

I really like this idea because it is simple, yet affect and will hopefully lead to a few laughs as Jack try’s to catch the rabbits.

Really looking forward to feedback on this as i wish to move onto the next steps of the project now!


  1. Hi Lekti, a couple of points from me - firstly, I think in order to make the story more rounded,you could tell it in a non-linear way - you could start with the farmer/bakers original sign, say 'Jack's Famous Pumpkin Pies' crossed out and 'Sorry- no pumkins' scrawled under it (so this is in effect the 2nd scene being told first.)You could have a dejected-looking baker sitting at a run down farm cafe, having a flashback to the jack-rabbits moving in and destroying his crop (the first scene). The back to the present,where the farmer tries to deter the rabbits and ultimately ends up with his new invention, the rabbit and cactus pie. End on a view of a new sign and a bustling cafe.

    Also, what is the relevance of the farmer/baker having been a biker? Is this a necessary element to your story?

  2. Evening Lekti,

    Yep - this is going places now, but I share Jackie's idea in regard to how non-linearity might be a great way of structuring your story in a dynamic way. It seems that there's no real point in making your chef a former-biker... it doesn't contribute to your story. Obviously, a chef might indeed ride a motor-cycle, but don't confuse your audience unnecessarily. Personally speaking, I find the impalement of the rabbits too graphic for the toony tone of your story; the joke works just as well if you simply assert the 'rabbit and cactus pie' recipe, because the audience knows very well that the chef is killing them somehow - essentially making his enemy into his profits.

  3. Hey Lekti,

    See link!

    Cheers! :D