Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces - More Thumbnails

fig 1

Over im really not happy with the base of the large tree, because they just don't work visually for me. I also think the distance needs a little work as the scale is a little off in the background, but i feel like this is somethinmg that would change with more detail being added in. So i'll be going back to the line sketches and making changes.


  1. These are freaking awesome! I like the base, but if you're unhappy, I cant wait to see when you improve it.

  2. Figure 6 is starting to have something going for it - I like the glow coming off the water. I think when you add a darker foreground element, such as the spikey vegetation in fig 2, it will help with the depth issues. Keep going!! :)

  3. @Lucy - Thanks :D i'm just not happy with the shape xD

    @Jackie - Its meant to be a glowing field of flowers, i just haven't added detail yet. the one closer to the foreground will make it more apparent. :P I was intending to add the foreground elements to the image but i started to be really unhappy with the large tree. :3

  4. Whoops! :) Why not try layering on some textures by dropping in photos on the trunk/root? Also, I do think that once your foreground elements are in place, the large tree may start to look more integrated... as it does in fig 2.

  5. Hey Lekti these look cool I can see what you mean by the scale seeing as it all seems to look the same size and close to the same colour so maybe if you use a lighter colour to show those branches are the further part of the tree and darken the closer ones?

  6. Hey Lekti - sorry to hear you've been a bit crook of late, but you've obviously been working very hard in regard to invigorating your conception of these spaces. I think you should consider going back to those line thumbs and using them to create a more expansive composition, because your thumbs hint at a more epic spce, which your cropping denies - use these as acorns from which to grow a bigger glimpse! :)