Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs: Thumbnails 8-10


Thumbnail 10 is mainly a test to try and get to grips with the scale i want the cave to have, and to give painting cave stalactites and stalagmites another go after the last project!


  1. Oh I do like these!
    10 does show the scale fantastically and the foreground and background elements are awesome.
    I like the theme you have going!

  2. Good to see more thumbnails! :)
    Be careful that your cave roof with the stalactites doesn't end up looking like a tree canopy, which for me it possible is in number 10 - I know that this will look different when its actually modelled, but the concept art needs to get the idea across of a rocky roof. I would try extending some of the stalactites so they are less uniform in size, and also make sure that they just hang straight down, rather than stick out a angles...
    The other thing I would say, is that your throne is looking very small and insignificant now that it is in situ... you may need to think of a way to 'beef it up' a bit and make it appear more regal and important.

  3. i'm experimenting with making the throne a little bigger, i think the lighting i am adding to it will play a big part in that aspect. I can also see what you mean about the stalactites looking kinda like trees! Will work on that. ^^

  4. You could also try bringing the throne forward into the centre of the room, maybe, to draw the focus back to it...