Thursday, 15 November 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs: A Few digital pieces

Throne concept, i wanted the throne to stand out, as i feel it needs to be something that shows great power. 

This is a scrapped piece, i ended up disliking the perspective a lot.

This is what i have for my final concept piece so far, still wanting to add a few things like computers, monitors, add some more smaller lights and refine some of the edges as i want to avoid making ti to smooth/washed out. Also undecided if i should keep the wires hanging down around or not, as i think perhaps they are taking soem of the focus away from the throne and power crystal.. Opinions are welcome and wanted! ^^


  1. I think you should lose the majority of the wires - you are right, they detract from the grandeur of the throne. Maybe you could just have a few draping along the walls? It's looking good and subterrainean though! :)

  2. Yes - I like the doomy, gloomy atmosphere - have you thought of using some of those wires to include some accent colour/s?