Friday, 2 November 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs: Set Design Influence Maps

The Subterranean Lair

For my Subterranean Lair, I have looked at buildings like cathedrals, factory’s, warehouses,  old abandoned buildings and some film sets.

Style wise I have looked at images featuring interior design to do with Steampunk and Industrialism, I think the collaboration of metal and rock will be key to portray my characters secret lair because if it was all metal the viewer may not perhaps get the scenes of it being underground. Light too will play a big key, and I think going with more artificial lighting colours will also help the set, so whites and maybe blue or green lighting. Looking at some of my influence images lighting I can tell the orange lighting gives too much of a sense of daylight, whereas the cold toned lighting gives the scene a more darker and underground feeling.

Another lighting feature that i think would go nicely with the set i have  in  mind is the Light Bulbs from following music video, i think hey will add some very intresting lighting effects and add to the run down approach i am trying to achieve.

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