Friday, 2 November 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs: Character Research and influences

The Subterranean Emperor
Subterranean definitionbelow ground, under the earth, underground”
Emperor definitiona monarch who rules or reigns over an empire”
My character will have the characteristics of a bond villain, wanting to save mankind from his corrupted image of itself. In his eyes he is doing the right thing, but it is ultimately wrong.  Kind of like a ‘good’ Villain he has both strong vivid emotions and both massive will power and a strong passion for his course. He has thousands of followers in his underground lair that worship him like a god, hence why he is called Emperor. so this should be reflected in the scale of the set design.
His Lair will be an underground mashup of industrialism, Steampunk and fantasy architecture, utilizing the underground caves for his base, with metal and natural rock working together to form his lair.
Key Character Influences
When thinking about the character I cannot help but remember Luke Goss’s acting roles as Jared Nomak in Blade 2(2002) and Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008). Even though both characters are shown to be the bad guy in each film Goss manages to give each character so much emotion and dedication throughout the films that by the end you feel attached to the character, and learn that his is perhaps not such a bad guy after all.
Fig 1 - Luke Goss Himself

In relation to my character, I would like for him to have characteristics of Both Nomak, and Nuada . Being a stressed super mind who only wants to save mankind but his way of doing so is extreme and naturally wrong.
Fig 2 - Prince Nuada in Hellboy II (2008)

Fig 3 - Jared Nomak in Blade 2(2002)


  1. Ahhh... I cannot take him seriously, I'm afraid... I remember him from the Bros days! :)

  2. me too - 'drop the boy' etc. So - looking forward to seeing some more character exploration on here - and maybe some alternate ideas; for example, you've decided your emperor is human - but maybe he isn't - or not entirely?

    You could take a massive leap, and decide that your emperor and his world is more on the macro-verse level? Which animals/insects etc. live underground and might have an emperor-type set-up?

    Remember, you're looking for a character that's going to give you an amazing, 'never-before-seen' environment, so maybe a step away from the human might be a worthwhile detour? Discuss!

  3. Yes, and if you went for a non-human option, then your props will automatically change too - your throne,for example would not necessarily have to have a standard seat. Also, you could explore other less mechanical ways of lighting...fluorescent rocks, glow worms, lava flows etc...