Sunday, 16 September 2012

Summer Project - Initial Sketches

I would like to say before hand that i have Marfans Syndrome, and find it really difficult to draw by hand using pencil & paper,I only really use this method to get rough idea's for anything i wish to sketch and design. I much prefer to draw digitally with the aid of a graphics tablet. But due to technical difficulties i'm unable to do so for this project, but i wanted to give it a go and try my best!

These are some sketches i have done, i chose to use the big space turtle silhouette that i did previsouly as my point of reference. I started out doing a few low detailed drawings to help me decide on the right shapes and angle to use while drawing the creature, 

I later started doing more detailed sketches to finalise what my outcome would look like. I really enjoyed doing this process as it let me find out what would and what wouldn't work while attempting to draw this turtle like creature.

1 comment:

  1. looking great so far, I think you are doing brilliantly considering how much you dislike drawing with pencil, keep it up you'll soon see your own individual style emerging :)