Friday, 21 September 2012

More Silhouettes and Sketchs

Heres a couple more Silhouettes i have done! Tried my hand at a few buildings and a mechanical man, with wings!

Heres my first sketch of the mechanical man.
I kind of feel as if i got a little carried away on the torso more then the wings. as he is a machine he can change parts of his body at will. For this picture i chose to draw him with a sword instead of an arm, feet that are more like running on springs, and a head that features zoom, and lock on functions(think terminator)

I also thought of a little story for him while i was sketching away. 

Our hero is a mechanical guardian for an alien world, he is dormant until a threat is detected. When a threat has been found he bursts into life and fights to defend his world and the life that live's there, his enemys may range from astroids, alien species and even giant planet eating life forms from the far beyond.


  1. I like the bottom centre silhouette - it looks like some sort of threatening fortress.
    It's a good idea to number your individual images, as it makes it easier for someone to say 'I like number 3' or whatever, rather than 'third down on the left'... Also, when you are scanning in sketches, remember to trim them up so you don't end up with the edges of the sketch book in the image, and flip them so they are the right way up! :)

  2. beautifully done, love the wings design especially

  3. Hi Lekti,

    it is great that you are using silhouettes to act as a spring board for potential ideas. As you can see people on CG arts are pretty free and easy with their advice, and you have received some great pointers regarding presentation and layout.

    In regards to your current project it would be great to see a quick write up of your selection and any preliminary sketches and notes from the first week. I think the most successful bloggers are those that update often. It also enables peers and tutors to give feedback that is both timely and relevant.

    It is never a bad thing to attribute a narrative/ back-story to a character that you are designing it can justify the details and foibles of the design.

    It is going to be interesting to see what you can come up with from the contents of the Little Blue Box.