Sunday, 14 April 2013

Unit 4: Rough script/plot outline.

INT. day, lab
Comic book animated intro

Our scientist is sitting at his desk looking into a microscope.
He looks up at the camera and scratches his head

Scientist: I must better understand these Eukaryotic cells...

He jumps up out of his chair and begins to walk over to a chalk board on the wall.

Once there the camera changes to a complete view of the board, which depicts the cell cycle.
Scientist scratches his head again
Scientist: Sighs

He starts to walk back to his desk.
He trips on a co-workers chair leg, this prompts him to fall into his own desk and land on the floor pulling items from the desk down with him. As he settles, the microscope slides and falls onto his head knocking him out.
Cell cycle awakening

The camera shimmers into the scientists face, his eyes are closed as if he is asleep.
His eyes slowly open, and his pupils become very large as he is in shock from what he has awoken too.

The camera fly’s backwards away from his face to reveal the environment and the fact that he is just a floating head.

The Camera now jumps to a view from behind the scientist, in the distance there are stange faces coming towards him.

These are the cells during their first stage. As they fly pass him the camera freezes like an image and the cells name shown on screen. The text then fly off the screen.

As the cells fly past the scientist He is pushed up into the air and forced to follow the path they are taking.
The Cycle
Now following the common path the cells take the scientist is at the front of the current line. They begin to fly towards the hexagon-patterned wall.
Scientist has a look of fear in his face as he thinks he is going to crash.

The wall then proceeds to open up in a spiral motion, a tunle is reviled and the cells start to poor into it along there current path.

They near the end of the tunnel and the scientist is frusated out into a large orange environment.
The camera follows the path of the scientists vision.

He looks in amazement as the walls begin to open to reviel a spiral pattern going up and ending at an opening in the ceiling. The walls continue to open and close, in a sort of heart beat motion.

The camera cuts back to our scientist and he is now slowly drifting along towards the centre of the environment, his gaze is still fixed upon the opening in the ceiling.

Small objects begin to rain from the opening, this is the cells food. He watches as they fly around and gulp it down, almost in a similar fashion to how a fish would eat.

After a brief time watching the feeding the cells begin to group in the middle of the room, they then start to move towards the sientist again and he is pushed forward to wards the opening and closing wall, he notices theres and opening behind the wall this time though.

As he nears the wall he tries to time himself as not to get squashed by the closing motion.

 In the next environment, the cells begin to grow and end up being double the size of the scientist. He struggles to find a space as the ever growing cells beging to take up a lot of the room in the environment.
He manages to 'pop' out of the group but is propelled towards the next opening like a rocket as the cells begin to move again.

It begins to get very dark as the scientist flies out of an opening at the top of the next room at high speed.
The camera shows this by shooting from one side of the pitch-black environment, as he fly's out of the light filled hole in the ceiling.

As he nears the bottom of the dark hole the hole has become so small the it looks like a small star in the sky at night, he looks up as the sky begins to fill ith small glowing balls of light that drift slowly down towards him, they seem to be increasing in amount as the get closer.

Once they have reached a good viewing distance he realises that the balls of light are actually the cells! They have started glow and become near transparent allowing him to see what they are made o. He watches on as they split and become two different cells, and then realises that he ha just gone through the cell cycle, a brief flashback accours where he remembers each phase, and environment he has just been through.

The camera cuts back to our scientist but he doesn’t look so good! He has a look of pain in his face, but all of a sudden his eyes burst open wide and he freezes...

The something magical happens, HE BEGIN TO DEVIDE HIMSELF! he pops in two, which leave the original confused a nd worried, he faints as he looks at himself moving around with all of the other new cells.
Lab awakening
INT. day, lab

He slowly opens his eyes, and relises that it was all just a dream, as he gets up from the floor he picks up a pen, and walks over to the board where he has all of his research. He starts to fill in all of the blank pieces he has been looking for and smiles as he puts the pen down. The camera now shows the completed board, whcih now shows a diagrame of the cell cycle and the different phases a cells takes along its jorney.

The end.


  1. sounds very interesting, excited to see this come to life

  2. I really like this so far and looking forward to reading more:) Keep up the great work!!

  3. Morning Lekti,

    Okay - good to see this on here, and I'd echo the comments here re. looking forward to seeing your script ideas translate into images. What I suggested to your classmates when they posted their first script was simply to move to the animatic stage asap - a sort of 'thumbnail animatic' so you can very quickly see how much content you've got to create. I'm particularly interested in seeing how you approach intro and outro bits with the 'comic book' approach. I can see these working in a very stylised way, and marrying the cgi stuff with these sequences will require balance and some sensitivity. So - short version is turn you script into an animatic as soon as possible - and also be sure to consult the camera/composition/frame resources on myUCA (Storyboard resources etc) to ensure you work nice and dynamically.