Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Unit 3 - Rough drawings / Other Art


  1. great to see all of these pieces here in one place, really looking forward to the finished project :)

  2. Hey Lekti,

    Okay - good - so what I can highlight here in response to these pages is the importance of resolving both your chef and rabbit characters in the expected way - i.e expression sheets for the characters, orthographic views of the characters etc. There are multiple changes of style going on with your chef character - more toony in places, less toony in others. The ultimate style choice for your character here should also be reflected in the style of character of the rabbit - i.e. your design world should be consistent. Is this more 'Loony Tunes' or this more 'Pixar'? I am looking for evidence of refinement, Lekti - the way a thumbnail becomes a drawing, the way a drawing becomes a character design, the way a character design becomes a character sheet and so on. If you look at the example blogs I included, you'll see this process in action. Onwards!