Monday, 11 March 2013

Unit 4: The Fantastic Voyage - Cell Concept Piece


  1. Couple of questions - are the cells spherical or are they flat? Do the faces project from the surface of the cell or are they a texture? Will the cells squash and stretch as they move, or are they just rigid as they appear in the image above? These are all issues that need to be addressed with different thumbnails, character design sheets etc!

  2. Hey Lekti - so any further clarification re. the use of human characters in your world yet further to my observations at the OGR? Jackie's comments above are all salient, and I'm wondering too how this aesthetic might translate into the inner-workings of the cell? As suggested previously, I really want students moving towards a thumbnail animatic as soon as possible, because it's important for you to start thinking about 'time' and sequence as well as art direction. Remember too that the Pitch asks for a 'presentation animatic' - i.e. all the bells and whistles required to get people excited about your concept, which includes sound and colour etc. It would be good to see a bit more urgency from you Lekti, because remember too that I reserve the right to suggest to a student to 'not' pitch, if I think the experience is going to be counter-productive. I'm looking for some evidence that you'll be able to make the required level of resolution and project development by Saturday at the latest. Onwards!