Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs: More Thumbnails and Ideas

Some really quick sketchs done last night, just toying with different ideas for my scene now, I'm trying to make it seem a little less generic in terms of design. one idea
 I'm liking is using medieval/Victorian architecture mixed with small futuristic elements at the moment.

I have also decided to get rid of the crystal element from my scene now, and have reverted back to the wolves stealing energy from the humans surface world.

Another thing i have thought a little more into is the passed on memory s aspect, i bel;ieve this would make them a race that honor the dead and have to much respect to destroy older things due to the memorys of those who built it being imprinted onto their minds. So another thing i can add is a lot of statues and carvings to the scene.

The throne right now is carved into a stalagmite grouping, with the back made to look like spikes, i think it looks a little more powerful then the diamond throne i previously had before.

And lastly i have decided on a scythe for my characters hero prop, i was trying to think what would represent power, but also fear. and came up with the idea for the Scythe  a weapon class only reserved for the Emperor. In my set i think this would look good leaning against the throne.


  1. I'm liking the 2nd image down - with the stalactites and stalagmites actually making the columns, along with the throne being made out of the stalagmites. Your idea of using Victorian or medieval influences....where is this coming from? I'm just thinking that your wolves would have moved into the cave system somewhere in the future, so would they be drawing on an influence so far back in their past? If you are going for a particular aesthetic, you need to be able to justify it!! :)
    Also, let's see some influence maps for the scythe design...don't only look at scythes themselves - try wolf skulls and other bones maybe?

  2. ...also, remember to number your images! :)

  3. Numbered ^^ In terms of design i was think of an evolution path, like how humans evolved and we have gone through different "Phases" (stone age, medieval & Roman etc) wolves lived out in the wild normally away from humans. So i'm unsure if they would be that heavily influenced early on in their culture.

  4. That's what I was thinking...the Medieval era for wolves would have been a time when they were still being hunted by humans, so I doubt they would have be keen to adopt the human architectural design of that time! Think about what you have learned in the lectures - we humans, for example, adopted a classical style in architecture etc, when we wanted to hark back to a (supposedly) more moral and civilized way of life, or a Modernist approach in the hope of an Utopian society...

  5. Evening Lekti - to be honest, I'm pleased the 'power crystal' has gone, because it was a production design 'cop out' - obviously there's a big tradition of magical energy sources that just 'are' - but hey, you idea about 'stealth energy' was about a 1000 times more interesting. I can't help feeling that you're over complicating your visual concept, Lekti - it seems to me that this race of wolves are in exile - which suggests that their environment would reflect their 'under-dog' (excuse pun) status - if they're stealing energy, I'd suggest they're not going to put lots of resources into building elaborate places and spaces. Obviously, you're designing the throne room, but if you also decide to make the throne room the 'generator' or 'battery' for the whole underground complex (quite literally the 'seat of power'), then it means you can make the 'stolen energy' idea into more of a means of devising the environment itself (as opposed to using this rational to justify the light sources etc). I'd suggest the stolen energy idea is your strongest, least generic, most communicable idea, and I think you should invest in it... and yes, Jackie is right - in terms of weapon designs - don't look at weapons, look at anything but - because that's how you'll encounter new and unforeseen ideas in regard to their design. (it seems to me though that the hero prop might better connect to the stolen power idea somehow...).