Thursday, 8 November 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs - Subterranean Emperor Back Story

After some consideration I decided to go with the Wolf Emperor, making him more into a fairy tale type character(think elves, demons etc.) The main reason for this is the fact that they seem quite noble in nature and I believe having them in humanoid form could lead to a great story.

Emperors World Breakdown:

The World, and Reason for being subterranean:
The period for the story is somewhere in humankind’s distant future; the Humans have destroyed the outer world multiple times via nuclear war. Most recently with World War Vii, although humans now possess the technology to terraform an entire planet, the combination of war and the lasting effects of radiation is thought to have whipped out all other life other than the humankind from the planet.

But another species did survive, due to the radiation wolfs started to gain greater intelligence, and when war started to have devastating outcomes on the landscape and atmosphere they ran, choosing to head into deep underground caves and tunnels that seemed to go on for ever. This did however not spare them the on-going mutations of the radiation that covered more than 80% of the planet for thousands years before scientists found out how to eliminate it.

Much of the planet’s surface has been terraformed and then to handle the ever-expanding population the entire planet became one giant industrial city, powered by Fusion technology. Flying Cars, and mega skyscrapers are all but normal here.

Because of this the cave systems and the ground in general has been long forgotten, leaving the wolfs unnoticed. The effect of the radiation below ground had speed up the evolutionary process to such an extent the wolf’s reached sentient status within a 10,000-year period; it also affected the form and shape, the once animal creatures evolved to stand on two legs, with the front legs evolving in to hands. They still retain wolf like features however, such as, tails, ears, nose, teeth and claw like nails.

Another lasting affect the radiation had on the wolf’s is passed on memory’s, every single wolf can remember what the very first wolfs experienced when they ran in fear from the humans thousands of years ago. This has led to an extreme hate for humankind shared by nearly every single Wolf.
The Wolfs steal there technology from the humans on the surface via underground wires, and by accessing the humankinds global network. This has allowed them to monitor and learn from the humankind. This has allowed the Wolf scientists to develop weapons and technology based around that of humankind but in some instances out doing them to such an extent it is no longer recognisable as once being of human origin.

The underground wolf Empire however, cannot last much longer on stolen technology and the Emperor knows this, the once grand city. The earth is dying and if he does not act soon his people will too die out like the rest of the animals that once inhabited the world. The once beautiful Wolfen city is in near runes, everywhere is in the process of being converted for use by the military in preparation for the fourth coming invasion.

The Emperor is planning to take the surface back from the humans by force, and if that means they must be destroyed then it is something he is willing to do.

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  1. A thorough you need LOTS of thumbnails to visualise your world (minimum of 50, don't forget!) Don't spend hours on each one - just some quick initial sketches to get some ideas out...maybe limit yourself to 10 minutes per sketch, and see how you go - the finer details will come later. Also, have you thought about what your hero prop is going to be?