Friday, 9 November 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs: Rough Thumbnails



  1. Good to see you posting new stuff, Lekti : )
    Are these thumbnails in order of stages of your idea development?

    I really like number 6. I think working on it a bit more could give nice and interesting results. The angle is interesting and the objects inside are starting to create a believable environemt : )

  2. Yes, I agree, number 6 definitely has the most interesting angle. Maybe you could pair that one with a glass floor, to expand your scene out and give it a cavernous feel? Also, you could try dropping the camera a bit on that one, so that you can see more of the roof of the cave, maybe...
    How are you going to tie your environment to your backstory and give your viewer a hint that your emperor is a wolf mutation?
    One last thing, a note on presentation - your last 2 images look much more professionally presented, as you have cropped out the spiral binding that is present in the first 5 - always try and crop out the surrounding bits and pieces!

  3. Hi Lekti - yes, looks as if number 6 is capturing people's imaginations! Always a good sign - but what's this about a 'wolf mutation'? Things must have moved on quite a lot since our last conversation when it was reptiles! Just ensure that you're fictional world is cohering - as opposed to fragmenting; you've still got the wires, I see, and now a glass floor - and obviously we're still in a cave environment... so about his wolf then? Looking forward to seeing all your components tie together - the clarity of your production design will flow from the logic of your character...