Monday, 29 October 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs: The “Subterranean Emperor” Initial Ideas

Key words: The “Subterranean Emperor”

Initial ideas

Idea 1

Underworld mob boss, that acts like an emperor. Operating in the lowest part of a city, in its “underworld”. Commanding a huge “army” of criminal underlings.

The Set: Emperors main place of operation, a high end office with a massive window show casing the run down under city as a back drop.

The initial problem I can see with this idea is that it may be visually boring, the city scap would play a big role, along with the lighting of the room.

Idea 2

Evil Emperor, hell-bent on returning from the afterlife to seek revenge on the human race for imprisoning him in the underworld. The roman version of the afterlife comes to mind.

The Set: Massive throne room with the Throne being the center piece. The Hero Prop being his massive sword, or perhaps a magic book which he hopes to use to escape from the afterlife.

Idea 3

The human race has moved underground due to the surface being uninhabitable. The Emperor is a title or name used by a Robin Hood type character, who steals food and water and gives it to the poor.

The Set: Metal underground themed city, our hero resides in a secluded room near the deepest part of the underground world, next to the generators and air producing machines.


  1. So far, idea 2 jumps out at me most - would the emperor be in charge in the underworld, or was he emperor while he was still on the surface? I think for this to work, he would need some subjects in the underworld, otherwise, why would he need a throne?

  2. Actually, thinking abour it, I quite like the idea of the metal underground city...but I'm not sure about the Emperor being the Robin Hood type character - I think for the purposes of this project, Emperor should mean just that. How about if the surface of the Earth hadn't become uninhabitable, and your subterrainean Emperor is looking to annex that too? (The fact that he is an emperor rather than just a king, suggests to me that he already has power over more than one territory...) Depending on your viewpoint, he could be either the hero or the villain, in a situation like this - the evil emperor out for complete world domination, or the saviour emperor, rescuing the surface dwellers from corrupt industries which are polluting the surface of the world while lining their own pockets...

  3. I agree with Jackie on this, 2 sounds really good, but 3 could really set you up with a much more sophisticated and effective space. 3 kind of reminds me of metropolis and the underground machines that produce a thick smog.