Monday, 1 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Digital Painting 28/09/2012

These are from my first Digital Painting lesson that was on friday. This was the first time using my Intuos 4 and i had a lot of fun and found it much easier then drawing on pen and paper due to not have to have my face close to the paper to see what i'm drawing.

I really like the first and forth one's from the four that i produced during the lesson. I chose to leave them as they are because our Lecturer Phil was giving us time limits and i think it would be cheating to post edited ones.


  1. Hey Lekti :)

    Yes - that first image is very impressionistic - and image number 4 hints at prehistoric landscapes. Great to see these on here! Exciting!

  2. Don't forget the labels...! This one should be 'Cinematic Spaces'.

  3. hey Lekti I really like number four the way you have done the lighting and colour to your image really makes it stand out!

  4. I think Jackie might mean tags for the blog post itself so after you've done say 100 of them you can easily click on the label cinematic spaces and all the entries with that tag / label will come up for you in date order, you'll be able to see your progress that way.

    I love numbers one and four too, four reminds me of stone henge, I shall try and get a few photographs of the actual place myself next week for you with my nikon :)

  5. Yes indeed - as My Heart Exposed has said, tagging or labelling your posts allows Phil and Alan to single out the individual bits and pieces that they need to assess without too much trouble... have a look at the email I sent you on 30th Sept for more details on how to go about it!